The GooPortal platform is part of IDRYL's intervention to support its clients in creating new and more efficient ways of generating value through the use of new and innovative tools to simplify and effectively increase their activity or business. GooPortal enables a Rapid Application Development (RAD) approach to ensure fast, efficient and evolving building of your global information system. This development platform is based on technology that allows the modeling of processes, flows, modeling, menu structure, configuration of permissions, integrated so that in a universal geography, in multi-language and in any equipment build your system Of information, creating real added value to your business and integrating all its structures. WEB-BASED SOLUTIONS It is a computational tool conceptualized for operation in a web environment (internet, intranet or extranet) and designed for the consistent and sustainable evolution of companies and organizations. Allowing the dematerialization of information and processes, creating dynamically characterizable structures and associating them with vectors of transport and sharing of information and knowledge, making them available for consultation and analysis, management and follow-up, establishing an effective network of organizational knowledge, fundamental in a context of Globalization and systems integration, in inter- and intra-organizational environments, even when involving delocalized entities.
This solution is positioned as "A Vision of the Future" composed of an integrated management, collaboration and productivity platform, based on quality and security assumptions, fully available in a web environment, conceptualized with the Objective of supporting and helping to improve their organization, its functioning and to obtain the benefits of a more effective relationship with the internal and external actors and the partners for whom they are oriented, giving importance to the internal managers and knowledgeable about the needs of the Organization with the elaboration, construction and evolution of parametrizable solutions at high level and without the necessity of programmed code of difficult reading and with high costs.
Operationality, collaboration, usability, scalability, profitability, integration, adaptability and ease of evolution are the driving and motivating lines that are always present in all stages of the development and evolution of the GooPortal platform.
THE GOO UNIVERSE ALWAYS WITH YOU Receive immediate notices, notifications, make decisions and make approvals. Share information with everything and everyone around your business
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